Editing – How to do it…

Editor¹s Toolkit Cover V2

Here is the book…

with 52 downloadable editing practice exercises. There are FOUR FREE EDITING EXERCISES available on this site. It is your boarding pass to the editing world.

• Published by FOCAL PRESS in book or electronic form

Price GB £28.99 (US $44.95) including all the exercise media

227 pages of practical training about all aspects of the craft of editing

Suitable for all skill ranges from beginners to professionals

Available from AMAZON

Come and learn editing skills from one of the BBC’s most famous editors.




Amazon 2

You get all the raw footage for each exercise including music and effects

You assemble the sequence, then…compare your version of each of the exercises with my version, and you might do better with some of the material

But that’s the key; that’s the fun. That’s what editing is about – the best ideas and techniques being used to put sequences together and tell stories



See for yourself and have a look around…

Take a look inside  THE BOOK

Have a look at  THE EXERCISES

We also offer a CATALOGUE OF EDITING PROJECTS to further hone your skills

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