advanced media importation

For those using either AVID Media Composer, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, and who like a challenge, you can try a more advanced method of importation which will have the benefit of getting my cut sequence timelines, complete with media, active in your software.

If you succeed, you’ll be able to push my sequence timelines around, and maybe find improvements.

I offer no guarantee, apart from the fact that, after a bit of fiddling, even I managed to move timelines from Media Composer to FCP and Premiere Pro. I did it by importing the MOV files and applying the methods outlined here.

For Avid users go to:

Import into Avid

For FCP users go to:

Import into FCP

For Adobe Premiere users go to:

Import into Premiere





If you are scared off (and I don’t blame you) you can go back to the SIMPLE MEDIA IMPORTATION method:

Simple Media Importation