what is editing?

this is what you do!

IMG_0614 An editor uses a mixture of artistic and technical skills to assemble shots into a coherent whole.

An editor has a strong feeling for pace, rhythm and storytelling.

An editor’s skill determines the quality and delivery of the final product.

An editor plays a influential role and is often involved with editorial and selection issues.

An editor reorders and tweaks content to produce a smooth and logical sequence of material.

An editor acts as a fresh pair of eyes on shot material.

An editor has to adapt built-in skills to deal with a wide variety of different programme styles.

An editor searches through tons of footage and puts together those clips that best tells the story.

An editor has to produce a result that will hold the viewers’ attention.

IMG_0615 An editor experiments with styles and techniques, including the design of graphic elements.

An editor will work independently, freeing up the time of directors and producers.

An editor has to operate equipment that is sometimes complex and technical.

An editor has to mix and balance sound.

An editor has to be creative with multiple layers of video.

An editor has to be able to manipulate music performance in many different styles.

An editor has to have the patience of a saint and the social skills of a perfect host.

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