ex 17 – split edits

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ex 17 split edits – exercise background information

When the vision and sound cuts are separated, even by a few frames, this is known as a Split Edit or L-Cut.

Huge benefits can result from cutting the sound and vision at slightly different times.

The coverage becomes more interesting, and we begin to see reactions to dialogue that would otherwise have gone unseen.

Thus, a mixture of split edits and reaction shots, is the key to produce the best coverage of such dialogue-based scenes.

Ex 17 Split Edits – exercise details

Shots Involved:

1 MCU H (12), 2 MCU T (12)



Well, you did it yourself, when you said goodbye to Bob and Penny.




You said, ‘Dad would have appreciated it’.

Exercise Aim:

The aim of this exercise, is to show how a split edit helps a sequence of shots maintain flow.


When should you split a cut? What are the less important words here, which can be put out of vision?


Covering up Mark’s words ‘You said’, helps in several ways: Firstly, it increases the length of Philip’s shot, and extends the one word ‘What’ shot, to a more natural duration. Secondly, it allows us to see more of Philip’s miscomprehension of Mark’s remark. Thirdly, it allows us to come back to Mark at the start of his important line, ‘Dad would have appreciated it’.

Again, look at the difference between my ‘with’ and ‘without splits’ versions of this exercise, and you’ll get the idea.