‘fired’ – a short drama

written and directed by Liam Abbott

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Liam introduces the film ‘Fired’ for you

I started making films at the age of eleven but its only in the last few years that I have been trying to make a career out of what I did, and, though it’s not the easiest thing to do, it’s an exciting ride all the same.

 ‘Fired’ was created as part of the shortlist shorts competition back in October of 2015. Although it didn’t manage to win the competition, it has found some success being chosen for a screening at the BFI future film festival. Now, hopefully, it will help you get started on the path towards becoming an editor, or for those already experienced with editing, it will give you material to hone your skills.

All the footage is here

All the footage is here for you to do with what you will and experiment to your heart’s content. This short film is a great starting point for any budding editor as it is very short, maximum of two minutes total length, yet it made by professional actors, camera and sound operators.

All the documentation is here

You have the script, a credit and shot list, even a font for the  Editors Toolkit production credit.. In fact everything a real editor would be provided with prior to embarking on such a project. At last you will be able to put yourself in the shoes of a real editor and assemble this piece with as much invention as you can come up with.

Just like any editing job there is no blueprint for this project or an architect’s plan with the instruction “Make this“. No, it’s up to you. Yes, you must follow the script, after all that is what was commissioned and shot, but shot choice and anything clever like motion effects, multiple images and the like is very much up to you. However, you must remember these clever effects must be appropriate and enhance the story and not distract. It’s worth bearing in mind that your clever stuff must be liked by others in the production food chain.

This is your opportunity

For those wanting to get into editing, this is your opportunity to have a go at editing a professionally made short film.

Liam sets another editing challenge

The requirement of the competition I made this film for was to create a film with a maximum duration of 60 seconds. If you’ve had a look at the footage, you can understand this is no easy task. Once you feel comfortable manipulating the material, try to make a final cut keeping to this time restriction.

 Good luck and remember, once you’ve had a go you can see how I put it together. Go on do better.

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