future plans – what comes next?

What comes next?

Our commitment

What we will try to do, is supply you with a steady stream of new edit practice material, with which you will be able to enhance your knowledge, already acquired from my book.

My composing musical friend Colin Rust will start to supply music tracks covering a wide range of styles and moods. This will enable you to polish off those projects with the perfection that only music can bring.

Your involvement

This is much more up to you. I would hope in time the FORUM will grow, and act not only as a chat room, but also to let those of you, new to the profession, experience the team atmosphere with which I grew up.

Discussion of technique keeps us all fresh, and prevents us from adopting an over-individualistic style of editing. As you know, any version of a cut will provoke comment from others, and we will hope this will happen naturally  in our forum.

The joke is: How many editors does it  take to change a light bulb? Answer: All of those present! One to change the light bulb, and the rest to moan about how it was done!

The forum will give you your chance to comment about how any assembly was achieved, and perhaps, at the same time, suggest improvements. The great thing about editing is that you are not dealing with any definite rights and wrongs, as there is a great deal of ground to talk about between these two extremes.

I firmly believe that when you are able to see and understand, how and why others have tackled the problems presented in a particular set of shots, you will truly stretch your own knowledge of the craft of editing.