importing Into Adobe Premiere Pro

Getting the MOV media into Adobe Premiere Pro

Now for Adobe Premiere Pro. This method imports the sequences via an EDL in a similar way to FCP. Again, I am assuming you have copied the MOV files to a local drive, and that you also have the bunch of EDLs created from my sequences in a known location on your computer. If not, locate them now.

  1. Open a new project in Premiere Pro with capture format ‘DV’.
  2. With the ‘Project Window open, select ‘Import’, either by right-clicking the window, or from the ‘File’
  3. Navigate to the EDL of your choice, (this can be several at once). Click ‘OK’.
  4. In the ‘EDL Information’ window select ‘PAL’.
  5. In the ‘New Sequence Window’ select ‘48kHz’.
  6. This process will generate a folder in the project window, one for each EDL that was imported, and within each folder are the shots, currently with no media, and a sequence which can be loaded into the timeline
  7. Highlight all the clips in the folders that need media. Right-click and select ‘Link Media’, or get this from the ‘File’
  8. In the ‘Link Media window tick ‘File Name’ and ‘File Extension’, and ‘Use Media Browser to Locate Files’. Also it might help to tick ‘Link others Automatically’.
  9. Hit ‘Locate’ and navigate to the folder in your computer in which you placed the exercise MOV files.
  10. Click on the file image it finds and hit ‘OK’. This will relink this (and other shots) to the sequence in the timeline, which should now ‘play’ okay.

Once again, given the fairly crude nature of an EDL import, some of the fine tuning I did to the sequences, like level adjustment and some effects work, will not have been imported. But, remember you have my final ‘CUT’ versions, as separate MOV files with fully mixed sound and vision, for viewing.

If you got all the media and timelines into your software, you’ll be able to fiddle with the sequences, and examine them more closely. You can admire the moments you like and modify ones you don’t.

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