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Dominic Norton

i’m not alone!

I teamed up with Dominic Norton

I met Dominic as a runner when we were doing, what turned out to be, the last series of My Family, at TEDDINGTON STUDIOS.

Dominic bashed the phones for weeks in search of a decent publisher that would do the book justice, Eventually he found FOCAL PRESS. Dominic has been the driving force to get the thing published, and has done a huge amount of work to get this project off the ground. My thanks to him.

What Dominic and I want to do here, is firstly, of course to promote the book and give you the chance to look inside it, but secondly, we hope this site will be the place to visit to download more exercises, featuring well-shot footage, which will extend further the knowledge you’ve gained in the book.

You are not alone either!

The key point as always, is that you won’t be alone editing the projects because, just as with the book’s exercises, you will be able to see how I (any maybe others who had a go) tackled the same material.


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