music exercise media was composed by francois evans


all the music used in the exercises was composed by my friend Francois Evans.

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Francois, a composer of film and TV music, kindly let me have some tracks to act as edit practice material. You are able to download this, along with all the other editing media for the 52 exercises associated with my book.

Music is so important and it can make such a difference to any cut or sequence, that several exercises in the book are devoted to music, and how it is used in the edit suite.

The exercises deal with how to edit it, and how to mix it, and how to incorporate it with other material already present.

Also in the book, I take you on a highlights tour of how music has been used in the movies, and how it can make good into brilliant. So good in fact, that in some cases we are still taking about it nearly 80 years on.

Music at your fingertips – literally

If you have any keyboard skills yourself, many modern keyboards can provide great sounds, in a fraction of the time and effort it used to take (and no doubt cost).

Sinister chords, or echoed double basses, breathing their bows across vibrating strings, can greatly heighten the tension already present in your cut, as an empty house is searched for the crazed gunman now on the loose. Equally, a tranquil melodic line will augment those long hot summer days walking in a field of hay. Well, that’s before the crazed gunman, lurking in the woods, claims another gory victim.

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