simple media importation

Appendix 2.01First – Download the MOV clips.

All the media for the 52 editing exercises in the book, come to you as a bunch of MOV files, a complete set of which can be downloaded with the purchase of the book from FOCAL PRESS. As a taster on this site, we offer you 4 of these exercises totally free. Search them out and download from adjacent pages.

Once you have downloaded the media, come back here for what to do next.

Next – Import the MOV clips

With this simple method of importation, you can get started straight away by opening a new project, setting up a bin, and simply importing the MOV files contained in Download Elements 1 and 2 into your editing software. Proceed to edit the source clips of the individual exercises, and produce a sequence of your own. Once done, you can look at the relevant MOV file of my cut version of the sequence, to see how I put the  shots together.

The MOV clips are named in accordance with the 52 editing exercises contained in the text. The clips are either rushes, exercise examples, or mix-downs of my cut versions of those same exercises. The latter are identified by ‘CUT’ in their file names. The rushes can include raw camera footage, sound effects, or music.

All file names are made deliberately short, such that: Ex 05-5 CU Play (05) represents Exercise 5, Shot 5 Close-Up Play Button (Tape 5).

The numbers in brackets are the source ‘tape’ numbers (01 to 16). These numbers can be ignored in this simple importation method, but have more importance if the advance method is preferred and employed.

The clips were originally shot at DV 720 × 576, SD quality at 25 frames per second, with 48 kHz two-channel sound. The MOV files are not interlaced to save size. Your editing software project settings should be set accordingly for their importation. In Avid speak, a resolution of 4:1s seemed to work well to match the quality of the MOV files available for download.

On the ADVANCED MEDIA IMPORTATION page, you will find detailed instructions of an more complex method of importation that will allow my cut sequence timelines to become active.


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