‘the photograph’ written by chris wadsworth

1.11The story is about two brothers who, for whatever reason, have grown apart, but are now forced to be together again on the day of their father’s funeral.

Mark is a successful businessman, whereas his brother Philip, is more downtrodden, having looked after their ailing father for several years. The trouble is, dad has always preferred Mark, despite the fact that he rarely came to see his father. The two brothers talk uncomfortably at first, but both try to make an effort. While reminiscing, some of dad’s old home movies are remembered, and their flickering images bring back even more poignant memories for Mark. One event in particular Mark has long forgotten.

The actors in ‘The Photograph’ are:


Gorden Kaye

Gorden is probably best remambered for playing René in the long-running BBC comedy ‘Allo, ‘Allo! (1982-1992)

Keith Drinkel

Carter Brandon in the BBC comedy from the 1970’s I Didn’t Know you Cared, Philip in Granada Television’s wartime drama series Family at War (1970-2), Maurice Gregory in Coronation Street, in addition to the Major in Gandhi (1982)


I should say straight away that Gorden Kaye, who plays Philip, had very little time to learn the script, and did marvelously to read and learn it as well as he did; my thanks to him for giving it a go. Some bits are sadly unusable, but in a strange way that has done me, (and you), an enormous favour, as even greater editing skills are required to save as much of the performance as you can.


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