video Mickey

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1.02You can’t keep a good rat down!

Oh! I nearly forgot, helping us in the book is a character I bumped into several years ago at the BBC called ‘Video Mickey’.

He was (and is) drawn by a friend and fellow editor, DAVE RIXON.

Dave kept us entertained with strip cartoons featuring Mickey, and ‘Claud the Cat’, mixed in with some of the real personnel from the Television Recording Department of the BBC, or VT as it was known back then.

More cartoons

VT Old Boys WebsiteIf you are interested, the archive of more of these cartoons, and lots of other stuff relating to videotape recording at the BBC, is on a great website maintained by two ex-editing colleagues of mine, CHRIS BOOTH and HOWARD DELL.

The site can be found at: It’s well worth a visit.